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Add Page


To add a new page to your site, go to the "Page Manager" and navigate to the section where you want to add a new page (by clicking on the appropriate folder icons). In the "Add" column of the page manager, you will see insertion arrows, click on the insertion arrow where you want to add a new page. Clicking on an insertion arrow will then display the above "Add Page" pop up window.

From the "Add Page" pop up, you can select the type of page you want to create.

Content - Any time you want a page that you can edit with the web based editor, this is the option you want to select.

External URL - When dynamically building the navigation and/or site menus, it is sometimes desired to have a menu item that links to another site. If that is the case, select this option in order to specify the External URL of the site.

Internal URL - When incorporating web applications in the site, the web programmer can use this option to specify the Internal URL(s) of the application.

Attachment - Similar to the External URL option, when you want to have a menu item link to an uploaded document, such as a PDF or Microsoft Word document, then this is the option to select.