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Edit Page - General Tab


While editing a page, you will see that there are several additional tabs across the top.

On the "General" tab, you can specify the start date, the end date (if there is one), the title of the page, and a short description of the page.

You can also specify a title tag, meta keywords tag, and a meta description tag setting.

The short description may or may not be visible on the site depending on the templates that are created and/or needed. A directory of articles, a directory of sites, a directory of links, and an image gallery are all examples of templates that would typically utilize the short description field.

You can specify a URL of your choosing for the page by entering a value in the Perma Link field. This feature will allow you to migrate pages from an old site and still retain the same page url's. This feature can also be used for search engine optimization.

The Redirect URL's field can be used to specify alternative or no longer used URL's that should now redirect to this page.