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CMS Web Site Setup Process

A content managements system streamlines the process of setting up your site. Here are the steps we typically follow:

Site Design

  • Provide copies of your logo and other marketing assets, such as business cards, letterhead, envelops, brochures, and example sites to the graphic designer. We can recommend several logo design services if you still need a logo.
  • Review your site design requirements and provided assets with the graphic designer.
  • The graphic designer creates one or more concepts for your site. A concept is simply a mocked up image of a web page. Typically, the concept will be of the home page. Depending on your agreement, the designer may concept additional web pages as well.
  • You review the concepts with the graphic designer and provide feedback. The designer takes your feedback and does a  first round of revisions. The number of included revisions will vary depending on your agreement.
  • You sign-off on the site design concepts. The graphic designer then provides us with the finished concept artwork.

Site Development

  • We then setup an internal development site that is password protected so that only you can see the site.
  • We install our Site Manager software and the other applications/modules that makes up our "Complete Web Site Solution".
  • From your proposal, we create blank page placeholders in the Site Manager software for each of the pages that are going to make up your site.
  • From the concepts, we then create templates to implement the design of your site. Typically, we will build a home page template and a second template that then handles all of the other pages on the site. The main templates will typically be broken down to include several shared elements such as the header, footer, and navigation areas of the page.
  • We setup the navigation elements of your site, such as breadcrumb menus, drop down menus, tabs, buttons, left site menus, etc.
  • We setup any forms, such as "contact us", that are going to be on your site.
  • You or the graphic designer then populate the content of the site using the Site Manager software.
  • We quality test the development site.
  • You sign-off on finished development site.

Site Deployment

  • We setup your production site hosting.
  • We publish the development site to the production site and test the site again.
  • We update your DNS to tell the world the new location of your site.
  • Your new site is now LIVE!