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Site Design

For your site design, we can work with a graphic designer of your choosing or we can match you with one of our talented graphic design partners.

Clean-Professional Site Design

At a minimum, your site design should look professional, be consistent across pages, and be easy to navigate.

You will need to provide your logo and the original artwork for your logo to the graphic designer. If you need to create a logo, we can recommend a logo design service.

To create a site design that is consistent, you will need to provide the graphic designer with copies of your other marketing materials and the artwork that makes up those marketing materials. Additional marketing materials may include business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, etc.

The graphic designer will then create one or more concepts for your site. A concept is simply a mocked up image of a web page. At a minimum, each concept will typically include a mock up of a home page and, if needed, one interior page.

Once completed, you will then review the concepts with the graphic designer and provide feedback. The designer takes your feedback and does a  first round of revisions. The number of included revisions will vary depending on your agreement.

The site design process takes a minimum of 1-2 weeks.

Typically, additional assets such as stock photography and the time to research and find stock photos are not included in the price of a site design. For stock photography searches, we simply invoice for the actual price of the images (without markup) and for our actual time and material expense to do the image search.

Adding Flash and/or animated graphical elements to your site design will add considerably to the cost of your site design.

When working with a graphic designer of your choosing, we ask that the designer be able to provide concepts in the form of Windows Photoshop, Windows Fireworks, and/or sliced HTML and CSS files.