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CMS Web Site Platform

The most expensive part of a web site project is labor. To significantly reduce the cost of your project, we start with our very own specially designed web platform of ready-to-use software. By combining our software with other freely available and commercially available applications, we have created a "complete web site solution" that allows us to quickly implement the design and functionality of your custom designed site.

Complete Web Site Solution License

Included in your "complete web site solution" is software that is specifically licensed by AllMerchants.  Many of these software application modules have been in development since 2001.

The entire web site platform is an integrated set of 33+ custom developed, freely available, and commercially available web applications.

As part of your project, AllMerchants will provide you a single AllMerchants Web Site Platform license, which grants you a license for exclusive use of the software for one domain name.

"Exclusive Use" means that the application can only be used on a single web site as designated by the domain name assigned by the license.

A typical CMS Web Site project may include, but is not limited to, the following software application modules:

  • Site Manager (content management system)
  • Command Bar
  • PHP Library
  • Web based WYSIWYG Editor
  • Analytics Reporting & Ad / Conversion Tracking