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Online Storage Plan

When it comes to disaster recovery, it's absolutely necessary that a backup of your site and database be available from a location other then the same server that is hosting your site.

We have found that storing your back up archives with an online storage provider is the most cost effective solution to placing your files in a safe remote location.

To get started, AllMerchants will requisition an online storage provider plan in your name.

We will then configure the backup software to automatically utilize the online storage location. 

Online storage plan is $3/mo plus $0.15/GB/mo for storage. 

Your credit card will be billed directly by the online storage provider.

We only bill you for our time to set everything up.

Third party pricing is provided for informational purposes only. Please check with actual service provider to confirm current pricing

Online Storage Features We Look For

  • Ability to mount online storage as a mapped network drive.
  • Accessible from multiple computers.
  • Cross platform support for Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  • Backup files are accessible via the web from any browser.
  • No restrictions on how much data you can backup.
  • Only pay for the exact storage that you are using.