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Order Fulfillment / Drop-Shipping

We have custom developed an order export add-on for our customers that need to send orders to an order fulfillment provider and/or to a drop-shipper.

Each product in the shopping cart can be assigned a unique "source" provider.

The order export software is then smart enough to be able to slice order data at the product level to send the appropriate product orders to the correct source provider.

Almost every order fulfillment provider and/or drop-shipper will require that the order data be sent in a data format that is unique to them. As such, we have designed the order export software to make it easy to assign a data format configuration to each source provider.

The order export software currently supports sending the data via FTP and/or email.

Optionally, the data can be PGP encrypted before it is sent.

An order export confirmation email is sent after each export is completed.

The order export process can be scheduled to run as often as needed.