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Online Store System Requirements

The Online Store software is known to work with the following system specifications:

PHP 5.1 and above (latest version recommended)

MySQL 5.1 and above (latest version recommended)

Apache Web Server 2.2 and above (latest version recommended)

SSL Certificate support (required if accepting credit cards)

Minimum of 100 MB of free disk space

GD Library Support (version 2 recommended)

cURL Library Support

ZLib Support

Cron support (ability to schedule the execution of web page)

.htaccess support

mod_rewrite support

Ability to make directories writable via shell access and/or FTP.

Ability to manage MySQL database via phpMyAdmin recommended.

The email campaign manager option, if selected, should be used in conjunction with a dedicated SMTP service and/or an outsourced SMTP service such as SMTP.com.

php.ini settings:

magic_quotes_gpc = On or Off

output_buffer = On or Off

register_globals = On or Off

safe_mode = Off

short_open_tag = On

memory_limit = 12M (or greater)