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Automatically Ship Your Web Site Orders

Have your web site orders automatically shipped as they come in. You do nothing. Our shopping cart will automatically send your web site orders to an order fulfillment provider to be shipped.

If you are already working with an order fulfillment provider that we have not yet integrated with, we can configure our order export process to work with their system.

If you have yet to select an order fulfillment provider, we will be more than happy to recommend one of our established providers.

Our established providers can help you navigate the complexities of offshore manufacturing, importing of products, international shipping, and doing business with the "Big-Box" retailers.

  • One business day shipping. All orders are shipped within one business day.
  • Confirmation of order shipments. Each customer gets an email confirmation when their order is shipped.
  • Inventory management. Minimize stock outs, lost business and excess inventory. Help with replenishment planning and forecasting. A web portal that shows you what is in stock, on back order, on order, and what needs to be ordered.
  • Customer call center support. Phone lines and staff to service your customers, including 24 by 7 plans if needed.
  • Assembly, packaging, kitting, and bagging. Properly prep your goods before they are shipped.
  • Returns. Function as your authorized return center, evaluating return cases according to your criteria, inspecting product, recording data, and consolidating returns to be shipped.
  • Import / Export services. Manage the import and transportation of your goods.
  • Infomercials or surge-style promotions. Coordinate with most Infomercial processes and order management systems using FTP, XML, Text, or CSV files.
  • EDI Integration. Help you work with large retailer that have routing guides or require EDI.
  • Nutraceutical or supplement fulfillment. Facility that has been inspected, approved and licensed for storage of your product.
  • Auto-refill. Automatically ship your customer's refills on any schedule you select.
  • Dated inventory control. Prioritize product shipping by date.
  • Lot control and tracking. Record what lots of materials are shipped to who and when.
  • Shipment status. Access to all orders shipped in the last sixty days, including tracking numbers that link to your carrier's website.