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Pinnacle Cart Enhancements

Search Engine Optimization
You can specify a "Perma Link" for each catalog and product detail page so as to maintain the same URL's as your previous site or optimize the URL's for SEO. You can also specify a unique <title>, <meta keywords>, and <meta description> tag for each category and product detail page.

PCI Compliance
The online store has been verified to be PCI Compliant by SecurityMetrics scans.

Command Bar Menu
Our unique command bar administration menu makes managing the site easy. The command bar remains visible even when you are browsing the site so that you can quickly get to every administration function. 

Inventory and Product ID's at Product Attribute Level
Support for inventory and Product ID (SKU) at the Product Attribute Level. On the site, when a visitor selects a different product option (attribute), the page automatically shows the correct product id, product image, product price, and product description without reloading.

Order Fulfillment and Drop-Shipping (optional)
Ability to export orders to an order fulfillment and/or drop-shipper. Includes support for Mail Order Manager (MOM) format. Ability to assign a "source" to each product so that the ordered items are sent to the correct fulfillment and/or drop-shipping company for shipping.

Site Manager (CMS)
Our unique site manager is a Content Management System built from years of experience. Editing content is a simple as logging in, navigating to the page that you want to edit, and then clicking "edit this page". The site manager is the foundation that allows us to quickly incorporate almost any design created by a professional graphic designer.

Product Export
Ability to export the latest product data to an Excel spreadsheet, make changes, and import again. Simple bulk product updates.

Product Management
Ability to delete multiple products at one time.

Gifting (optional)
Allow customers to enter multiple orders at one time. A great feature for flower shops or gift shops!

Site Analytics
Track and report web site usage in real-time! See exactly what each visitor on your site is doing.

Ad Tracking and Conversion Tracking
Track the ROI of each of your online advertising campaigns. A "must have" for tracking Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and paid text links.

Color Swatches
Ability to associate swatch images with product attributes.

Web Based Editor (WYSIWYG)
An easy to use web based content editor that is similar to Microsoft Word is used throughout our entire platform. 

Email Campaign Management (including Autoresponder) (optional)
An upgrade from the email functionality built into Pinnacle Cart. Our email campaign management includes support for email templates, scheduled sends, email open reporting, email click-through reporting, and an Autoresponder. An autoresponder is used to send a scheduled series of emails to each new subscriber.

Support for "hover ad" subscription form that can not be blocked by pop-up blockers has also been added. This is a great way to build your mailing list. Options include: number of seconds after the page loads before it appears, how long to show the form, and how many times to show the form to each new visitor.

Affiliate Management (optional)
Having an affiliate program is one of the best and cheapest ways to increase sales and achieve highly targeted traffic. Affiliate marketing is a very effective solution, because it allows you to base advertising on a pay-per-performance model. Your affiliates refer customers to your site and you pay your affiliates a commission on the orders that those customers place.

Recurring Orders (optional)
Ability to generate an order as a new cart, edit that cart before it is processed, notify the customer of the recurring order transaction, and process the recurring order. Requires Authorize.net CIM for PCI compliance.

Pay by Check
Ability to designate which customers can "Pay by Check". And then only show the "Pay by Check" option to those customers.

Free shipping on orders over $X.XX
Offer free shipping to your customers when they place an order over a certain dollar amount.

Payment Confirmation Email
Ability to send a payment confirmation email when the payment method is "Check or Money Order".

Add Customer
Ability to add a new customer as an administrator.

Add Customer Order
Ability to enter a new order on behalf of a customer. Great for customers that want to call in an order or for sales reps that need to enter wholesale orders. We have added a "product quick add" function where you simply type in the product id to add it to the order. As an administrator, you also have the ability to manually change product prices and shipping charges. This feature can also be used to enter non web site orders that need to be exported to an order fulfillment company.

Digital Camera Images
Certain digital camera images don't show up in certain browsers unless they are modified. We have enhanced the image upload functionality to automatically fix this problem.

Billing Information
We capture all original shipping and billing information to the actual order. This is an enhancement to Pinnacle Cart that insures that receipts and invoices do not change when the customer record is updated.

Shipping Information
The name field on the shipping address has been split into first and last name to match the billing address fields.

Minimum Unit Quantity and Minimum Order Amount required for Wholesalers
You can now set rules that require a wholesaler order to include a minimum number of units or to be a minimum order amount before the order can be submitted.

Bulk Image Loader
The bulk image loader has been enhanced to allow for selecting and uploading of multiple product images at the same time.

Thumbnail Generator
The thumbnail generator has been optimized to more efficiently generate missing thumbnails. This enhancement allows the thumbnail generator to reasonable handle 20,000+ products.

View All on Catalog Page
Ability to "View All" products on a catalog page.

Hide Categories
Ability to hide categories from the site navigation.

Thumbnail Images
Ability to have two different product thumbnail sizes.

Category Navigation
Ability to remember open and closed categories between page views. Ability to specify a menu title for a category that will appear in the site navigation.

Profit Reporting (Not Yet Released)
You tell the system how much each product cost and this report then shows a more accurate representation of the profitability of each order. Combined with the ad tracking and conversion tracking functionality, this information calculates a more accurate ROI of an online advertising campaign.

Shopping Comparison Data Feeds (Not Yet Released)
Pinnacle Cart currently supports feeds to Froogle and Shopzilla. Support is being added for Yahoo Shopping, Shopping.com (by eBay), NexTag, and PriceGrabber (which feeds shopping.aol.com).