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What Our Customers Say

Kevann Stone, Owner, Stone Networking
"Your AWESOME! You ROCK! I thank you for the expeditious completion and the quality of your work. Not only did you listen to what I wanted but you looked ahead and gave me what I needed too. Keep up the great work…you are just what every company needs behind them."

Dr. Dianne Ruth, CEO, Psycho-Tease, LLC
"AWESOME! Thanks so much. You have done a magnificent job throughout!"

Jan Beckwith, Director, Sprocket Express, LLC
"You're the best!... I actually am very guarded about the compliments I give. I only give them when I feel they are deserved. I have worked in the IT world on and off for the last 20 years and I have to say you are a wonderful blend of kind approachable human being and smart techie. It's rare. I appreciate it very much."

Lisa Dion-Struebing, Art Director, Design Marketing Group
"I've had the pleasure of working with/partnering with Allan on many projects. He is an expert software developer and very professional. I highly recommend Allan's suite of ecommerce and Web marketing tools and his consulting expertise."

Suzanne Seibel, Graphic Designer, Graphic Visions, Inc.
"As a website designer, I have had the opportunity to work with several open-source and other content management systems, and it is my experience that the AllMerchants Site Manager CMS is superior to any that I have tried. It has an intuitive interface and is easy to format text and graphics (without knowing HTML) – something both my clients and I appreciate."

Quaid Saifee, President, WIT Inc.
"Allan is one of the most technically sound individual I know. He has the ability to quickly solve complex problems. He is extremely good in what he does. He has a passion for technology and its ability to improve productivity and eventually bottom line of a company. He gets things done. His latest passion is SEO & e-commerce and he has become one of the best in this field."

Dan Cence, CEO, Sprocket Express
"I've worked with Allan for 5 years now and depend on him to keep critical aspects of our business running. I can depend on his excellent technical knowledge and skills, his ability to understand our requirements and to recommend useful improvements to our systems. Allan does quality IT work that has great stability and reliability."

Rick McHenry, VP, Sales & Marketing, Partners In Practice
"I like working with Allan because he's an expert and I can rely on him to do an excellent job. He's fair in his pricing and balanced in understanding the big picture while working out all of the finite details. I highly recommend Allan and AllMerchants to anyone who wants to spend their Internet Marketing budget wisely."

"Allan Vest is the very first person I would hire for Internet Marketing services.  He has built an entire platform of high-quality tools  - Content Management, E-commerce, Lead Capture, CRM-integration, to name a few – with expert knowledge of how it all works with SEO/SEM.  Allan takes the time to understand business goals and designs solutions to meet them.  He is an excellent person to know for growing a business online and also always seems to have good insight into just about anything Internet related."

Michael Wheeler, Owner, eLead Resources Inc
"Allan Vest at AllMerchants, LLC has built numerous e-commerce websites for our company and each one has been a great success thanks to his high skill level and professionalism. I'd recommend AllMerchants to anyone whose looking for an e-commerce web solution."

Michael Carsley, President, CEO, The Carsley Group
"When we started this project, there was another initiative to solve this ‘product code' problem.  It was Al who solved the problem in one week that they have been trying to solve for 10 years according to one of their 15 year business analyst veteran's who also stated that Al's solution was worth "million's" to Worthington Industries.  I would like to also quote another person who is the head of the Worthington's business analyst team who called this solution ‘a stroke of genius'."

Tim Mrock, COO, CitrinGroup
"I've worked with Allan for several years and have always experienced high-quality results. He's knowledgeable on a variety of areas from internet marketing and web development to server/network support. He completes projects in a timely manner, and makes himself available for on-demand requests and support. I recommend Allan for your internet marketing and web development needs."

Jonathan Citrin, CEO, CitrinGroup
"I have worked with Allan Vest and All Merchants for many years now. He is an exceptional person and his company provides very high quality and expert service. I highly recommend Allan and feel very fortunate to have him as a service provider to my company."