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Server-Pak (Backup Script)

Make sure you don't loose your web site or data due to a server failure.

Automate the backup of your web site files and database files.

Our backup script is specifically designed for backing up a web server.

Included with the Backup Script is:

  • FREE: Instructions for how-to securely eliminate the need for a password when transferring files between two servers.
  • FREE: Instructions for how-to setup and configure your server to connect to an online storage account with Jungle Disk.
  • FREE: Script to quickly and safely back up your MySQL database tables and views (MyISAM).


  • Support for using an online storage provider as your remote storage option.
  • Ability to create Full Monthly, Full Weekly, and Incremental Daily archives.
  • Save archives both locally and remotely for safe keeping.
  • Options to save each database and web site as it's own archive file for quick retrieval.
  • Set exactly how many monthly, weekly, and daily archives you want to keep at any one time.
  • Separate settings for both the number of local and remote archives.
  • The file size of remote archives are confirmed to insure a successful transfer.
  • Email confirmation are sent after each completed backup.
  • The backups can be scheduled to run automatically.

Also Included

The Server-Pak also includes the follow additional software:

  • Fast-Pitch. Server installation and configuration software that allows us to quickly setup and upgrade your web server. 
  • MySQL dump and restore scripts.
  • Remote synchronization scripts that automatically synchronize sites and databases from one server to another.
  • Sysmon. System monitoring application that sends out an email notification in the event of low disk space or unresponsive web and/or database services.
  • Server Admin. Web based interface to the various web tools that have been installed on the server.
  • Site setup scripts.