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Ad Tracking, Conversion Tracking, Analytics Reporting

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Session Detail

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Ad Performance

Increase sales, conversions, and profits. Maximize your advertising dollars.

Using direct marketing principles, it's been proven that a simple one word change in a headline can dramatically effect your conversion results. You must be able to track every aspect of your advertising to determine what's working and what's not. That's why we include advanced ad tracking, conversion tracking, and analytics reporting with each of our sites. You'll be able to track where each visitor came from, the search phrase they used to find your site, the path they took through your site, and any actions that resulted in a conversion, such as a sign-up, a lead, or a sale.

At the most detailed level, we track:
  • How many times a visitor has been to the site (sessions)
  • What ads, if any, were clicked on to get to the site
  • Conversions, such as a sign-up, a lead capture form, or a sale
  • The page path each visitor took through the site
  • How long each page was viewed and was the page scrolled down
  • Clicks on links that lead from your site to a different site (exits)
  • The referring site or search engine
  • The search phrase used to find your site
  • Whether the visit was by a known robot or crawler
  • The duration of each session
  • The visitor's IP address and host name
  • The location of the visitor as determined by their IP address
  • The timezone, browser type, operating system, and screen size
  • Java, flash, acrobat, and cookie support

The "Ad Performance" report shows the number of inquiries, sign-ups, or sales from each ad. It also shows the ad's conversion ratio, estimated cost per conversion, average cost per click, total cost, total revenue, and return on investment.

The "Search Keyphrases" report shows which phrases were used to successfully find your site. But more importantly, is also shows how many visitors used that phrase, what search engine they came from, and exactly what page they entered on. This kind of information is required to properly optimize your site for free search engine traffic.

The "Origins by Visits" report shows a breakdown of where your traffic is coming from. The report breaks it down by ads, search engines, referring sites, and direct visits.

The "Page Paths" report lets you select a known page and see the most visited "previous" pages and the most visited "next" pages. This kind of information is helpful when trying to optimize the path that you want visitors to take through your site.