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Our belief is that the foundation of any web site is its Content Management System (CMS). 

We have designed our Site Manager CMS to specifically meet the needs of you, your graphic designer, and your web site developer.

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The purpose of a CMS is to separate the design elements from the content so that you and/or your staff can easily manage the content without any technical knowledge.

Site Owners / End Users

  • Easy to learn and use.
  • No technical skills required. 
  • Quickly update content, images, and links.
  • Save money making changes yourself.
  • Quickly switch between editing and viewing a page.
  • Optimize your pages for better search engine rankings.
  • Easily organize and manage your pages.
  • Manage your own password protected intranet or extranet.
  • Export form submission lead data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Graphic Designers / Web Developers

  • Add CMS capabilities without compromising your high-end site design.
  • Insure design integrity by separating content.
  • Dynamically create menus, navigation, and site maps.
  • Apply a template to a given page and/or section.
  • Unlimited number of editable placeholders on a page.
  • Simplified configuration minimizes setup time. 
  • Consistent administrative menu shared between back-end applications.
  • No proprietary template language to learn.
  • End users manage confirmation email settings.
  • Integrate conversion tracking into form submissions.
  • Record all emails sent from the web site.
  • Transparently wrap templates around integrated applications.
  • Based on most widely used web programming language.

Get Started Today

To get started on your CMS web site project, simply:

An expert member of our staff will work with you to define the requirements of your web site project.

Once we have the requirements, we'll write up a quote and walk through it with you to make sure that everything is correct.