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VPS Advantages

VPS stands for "Virtual Private Server".

Virtual private server technology allows for securely running multiple server instances on a single physical host server.

With a VPS hosting plan, you get a full server instance of your own that you have 100% control over.

Virtual private server plans have several advantages over shared hosting and dedicated server plans:

  • A virtual private server is more secure than a shared hosting plan where 100's (perhaps 1000's) of users all have access to the same server.
  • A virtual private server (from a good provider) will guarantee that your server instance has guaranteed CPU processing time. So, unlike a shared hosting plan, your site will not be adversely affected by the activities of the other sites hosted on the same server.
  • A virtual private server allocates more resources to your site than a shared hosting plan and can be scaled to add additional resources as needed.
  • A virtual private server give you complete control to fully manage the server yourself. You no longer need to rely on the hit or miss technical support provided by most shared hosting plan providers.
  • A virtual private server gives you the flexibility to install any software that your site needs. You are not restricted to only those capabilities provided by a shared hosting plan.
  • A virtual private server will give you the ability to pass a PCI Compliance Scan required by merchant account providers and the credit card processing industry. To be PCI compliant, software such as Apache, PHP, and OpenSSL must be regularly updated as new security issues are found and fixed.
  • A virtual private server has no restrictions. Your web site isn't crippled by overly restrictive constraints, such as allowed memory usage and allowed processing time, that are enforced on each web page request by some shared hosting providers.
  • A virtual private server allows your site to do image processing and resizing (required by most Content Management Systems and Shopping Cart software applications) on images that are much larger than those that could be handled by a shared hosting account.
  • A virtual private server allows you to run scheduled jobs and backup processes.
  • A virtual private server allows you to install one or more dedicated SMTP services to send email generated by the web site from a private IP address that is not shared by other sites and has not been black listed as a result of the activity of other sites.
  • In the event of a hardware failure, typically a virtual private server instance can be quickly moved to a new host server. This improves the reliability of your site. Whereas with a dedicated server plan, considerable time, effort, and expense would be required to reconfigure the server from scratch.
  • The hardware of the host server operating the virtual private server instance will typically include additional redundancy features such as mirrored disk drive arrays and backup power supplies that would be cost prohibitive with most dedicated server plans.