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VPS Provider

Buyer beware! Not all virtual private server plan providers are created equal. AllMerchants' experience is that most VPS providers are selling "oversold" plans to keep the cost down. This means that they have allocated the same processing powering and memory to more than one server instance. The result is terrible performance, most often experienced as slight delays every few seconds.

Because of the issue of oversold VPS plans, AllMerchants has gone through great lengths to find a provider that we feel matches our dedication to excellence.

What We Look For In A VPS Provider:

When choosing a VPS provider, we look for several key features:

  • Guaranteed CPU Sharing
    The host servers are not "oversold" and are running with fixed usage limits, below full capacity.
  • Instant Requisitioning
    The ability to automatically setup a new virtual private server instance without having to work with tech support and/or sign contracts.
  • Web Based Remote Console Access
    This is a must-have feature! Here's a perfect example why. When doing something as simple as adding traffic filtering rules to a firewall, extreme care is required so that you don't inadvertently lock yourself out of the server. Remote console access makes this much safer. If we were to get locked out of the server or if the server wouldn't reboot for some reason, we no longer have to rely on and wait for a technician to physically go to the server and resolve the problem for us. With remote console access we can manage every aspect of the server ourselves. 
  • Scalable
    The ability to upgrade or downgrade a server plan to a different plan configuration without having to reconfigure or redeploy your site to a new server. Adding more RAM, disk storage, and/or bandwidth to your plan should be a simple request.

VPS Hardware

  • Quad core, 64-bit machines
  • RAID-10 disk storage
  • Hard usage caps on VPS machines
  • Gigabit network backbone

Data Center Infrastructure

  • Redundant power, UPS, cooling and fiber
  • Biometric authentication, key card access and video surveillance
  • 247 staffed NOC and customer support