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VPS Setup

As part of a web site project, AllMerchants will typically provide the following Virtual Private Server (VPS) setup services:

  1. AllMerchants will assist as needed to update and/or transfer a domain name registration. It is assumed that the client has full access to the domain name registration account to make changes. For sites where the domain name is not yet registered, AllMerchants recommends using GoDaddy to register a domain name.
  2. AllMerchants will requisition a virtual private server plan in your name from a VPS provider. AllMerchants will be listed as an "admin" on the virtual private server account so that we can fully manage the server.
  3. Using our Fast-Pitch server configuation software, AllMerchants will install recent versions of MySQL (database), Apache (web server), PHP (programming language), and Qmail (email service).
  4. AllMerchants will setup a SMTP service to facilitate sending emails from your web site and/or email campaign manager.
  5. If needed, AllMerchants will requisition and setup an SSL certificate to allow your site to securely capture credit card information. We will create the initial CSR request, requisition the SSL certificate, and install the SSL certificate onto the server. AllMerchants recommends GoDaddy for the SSL certificate.
  6. If email hosting is required, AllMerchants will setup a  "Google Apps For Your Domain" account. The Google email service has both a free and a paid option, both of which allows for using your own domain name and can be accessed via the web and/or a mail client such as Outlook. Note: if you already have an email service that you're happy with, you can also choose to leave your email hosted in the same place.
  7. AllMerchants will install and configure our backup script to automatically archive and remotely store the web sites, databases, and unique configuration files on your server.
  8. AllMerchants will install and configure our system monitoring application to automatically send an email notification if the web server isn't responding, the database server isn't responding, or the server is running low on disk space.
  9. AllMerchants will install our server admin scripts and web admin interface to simplify the maintenance of the server once it is setup.
  10. AllMerchants will requisition an online storage account in your name from an online storage provider. AllMerchants will configure the backup script to automatically utilize the online storage account.
  11. AllMerchants will assist as needed to setup DNS to make the site go live. AllMerchants recommends that you register you domain name with GoDaddy which includes a DNS management service and a Domain Privacy option.